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Cirakit URL shortner API shortens your links instanly. With Cirakit URL shortner, create concise, shareable links that are perfect for social media, emails, and any other platform where character count matters.

No code Support

Personalize your links dynamically without touching a single line of code. Add UTM parameters, adjust redirect settings, and optimize your link for performance, all through an intuitive interface designed for non-technical users.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy the simplicity of our user-friendly interface. Cirakit URL shortner ensures that users of all levels can master the art of link shortening without the complexities of coding, making the process accessible to everyone.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Cirakit with a variety of platforms, from no-code tools to WordPress plugins and Chrome extensions, adapting to the diverse needs of your SaaS users.

Custom Domain

Showcase your unique identity by replacing our standard short URLs with your own custom domain. Whether you're a business, a creator, or an individual.

Connect with Your Favorite Apps.

We are building integrations that works with some of your favorite services.









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