Updated on Jun 12, 2024

We are excited to share Cirakit's roadmap publicly to keep our customers and fans informed about our product plans. This transparency allows you to see and influence the development of Cirakit. Our roadmap is a living document that adapts to customer needs, prioritizing features based on demand and feedback.


Launch and Initial Features

Cirakit officially launched at the end of June 2024, offering a comprehensive database of verified professional contacts and company profiles, advanced search capabilities, and email verification.

User Feedback Integration

From the start, we have prioritized user feedback, implementing various enhancements based on early user experiences. This included refining our user interface, adding more detailed filtering options, and improving data accuracy.

Performance and Scalability

Ensuring Cirakit's performance, scalability, and stability has been a continuous effort. We conduct regular performance checks and updates to maintain a fast, reliable service for all users.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Cirakit’s roadmap is shaped by the needs and suggestions of our wonderful customers. If you have any proposals or feature requests, please share them with us at Your insights help us improve and evolve Cirakit to better serve you.