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Find and connect with professionals and businesses

Access extensive profiles of businesses from across the globe. Cirakit’s database provides vital information to help you identify and target the right companies.

Comprehensive Data
Gain access to detailed profiles of professionals and companies from around the world. Explore industry, size, location, and more to find the exact businesses you need.
User-Friendly Interface
Our platform is designed with you in mind. Enjoy a seamless experience from search to contact, making your workflow more efficient and productive.
Verified Professional Contacts
Get in touch with the right people. Our database is meticulously curated to ensure you have access to the most accurate and relevant contact information.
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Simplify your email lead generation tasks with one solution.

Navigate through our platform with ease. Cirakit’s intuitive design ensures a seamless experience, making your data access and management straightforward.

Discover Potential Clients

Cirakit helps you identify and connect with high-potential prospects. With our extensive database and advanced search capabilities, you can easily find the right businesses and professionals to target for your outreach.

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Launch Effective Email Campaigns

Cirakit makes it simple to send personalized campaign emails to your targeted contacts. Our platform ensures your messages reach the right inboxes, maximizing your engagement and conversion rates.

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Ensure Email Accuracy

Say goodbye to bounced emails with Cirakit’s email verification feature. We rigorously check and verify all email addresses in our database, ensuring your outreach efforts are directed towards valid and active contacts.

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Flexible Credit Usage

With Cirakit, your credits are valid for a full year, giving you the flexibility to use them as needed. Choose a plan that fits your business requirements and enjoy the convenience of accessing data whenever you need it.

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